The Last of the Raspberries

The berries last fall.

At lunch yesterday, I took the last half-cup or so of frozen raspberries from the freezer, thawed them a few seconds and mixed them up with some plain yogurt. Ah, sadness — my freezer is officially empty of the fruits and vegetables I grew in the garden last summer. We don’t have a chest freezer for storing extra food, but the freezer side of our side-by-side refrigerator was packed full at the end of September. Tomato sauce, tomatoes, dried tomatoes, pesto, raspberries, green beans — bags and bags of them. But they are now gone. I’ve been considering the pros and cons of buying a chest freezer but haven’t decided. Any suggestions? Do you have a freezer and is it worth it?

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Raspberries

  1. I have a chest freezer and even though it hasn’t been as full as when we raised our own chickens as well as vegetables, I love having it. Don’t forget, there are small chest freezers that would probably be something to think about. I’m trying to figure out a better way of keeping track of remaining categories of frozen stuff, fruit, berries, herbs, etc. I’m sure I’ve got some raspberries left somewhere.

  2. Alaskans are big time freezer folk. Everyone has at least two. Where else is the moose meat and the salmon from last years hunting and fishing escapades going to go? I have even seen people who have their extra freezer right in the dining room (ours is in the garage. I know, how conventional are we?) like a buffet. The extra storage space is pretty handy but sometimes its hard to find a place for a chest freezer. We have an upright that seems to fit a little better in our space. We Alaskans are nothing if not classy when it comes to freezers….

    Christine B.

  3. We have two freezers full of homegrown fruit and veggies and meat. While I’m sure it adds some to the electric bill each month, having all our own food raised without chemicals is priceless. And I think I’m down to two bags of raspberries 🙁

  4. I just finished my berries too! Last Wednesday in a smoothie. Its always a sad moment.
    We have 3 freezers, one in our small fridge upstairs, one in our side-by-side in the basement (it was in the kitchen when we bought the house, but way too big for the space), and the new addition of the chest freezer in the garage. With our garden growing bigger every year, we needed the extra space. Although it is now down to a few pheasants that my uncle gave us last fall.
    The biggest challenge is keeping track of everything that is in there, and not forgetting about it. I thought I had an extra container of berries, but it ended up being an unmarked quart of chicken stock. Well…. at least there is soup in my future!

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