How Haute is Gardening Now

Calibrochoa Catwalk™ Lipstick Pink--Hort Couture photo

I’ve posted before on several signs that gardening is now cool — or is it hot? Whichever, it’s in, and I was reminded of that again while looking at marketing materials for a line of plants called Hort Couture. The campaign gives new insight into which consumers are viewed as most likely to embrace their inner Vita Sackville-West — youngish women.

Hort Couture is working with several wholesalers to get a broader distribution of the plants, which have been around as a brand since 2008.  The campaign’s signature symbol is a silhouette of a woman — slimmish, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a snug dress — obviously she’s ready to spread the manure on her new garden. Hort Couture includes several collections of plants under the umbrella category of Avant Garde Annuals. The plants have fun, fashion-themed names bound to appeal to fans of Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. You can deck your pots out in Calibrochoa Ready to Wear™ Paris (also Milan and Tokyo) or Diascia Diva™ or Lantana South Beach™. There is a related collection of herbs and vegetables called Culinary Couture™.

The Hort Couture line includes showy annuals — colorful, mostly easy care and many new, named varieties. In other words, designer duds for your garden. Its categories help people decide what to plant in their garden, too. For instance, sun plants are labeled Sun Goddesses, while shade lovers are Shady Ladies. My favorite part of the campaign is the “Fashion Plate,” a plastic tray filled with small pots of coordinating plants that would fill out a container nicely.

The collection will be visible in garden centers through signage, plant tags, and plant trays featuring the stylish gardener. We live in a marketing age — heck, with social media, it’s almost a post-marketing age, and while the temptation to poke fun at the line is there, anything that gets people planting and enjoying flowers and vegetables is great by me.

So, I’ll be watching for the stylish gardener this year when I’m hunting for plants in my muddy shoes.

2 thoughts on “How Haute is Gardening Now

  1. Good post! I’m like you ~ running into a garden centre to get plants wearing muddy clogs. I’ll be interested in seeing if this hort couture trend occurs here ~ even farther north than you in Saskatchewan.

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