Garden Trends: Lime and Tangerine

Osteospermum 'Orange Symphony'
Proven Winners photo

An airplane ride — and airport delay — gave me time recently to dig through some of the garden catalogs that have been collecting in a pile at my house since before the New Year. (Yes, I did go through security with a dozen catalogs in my backpack.) Looking at them all at once, the garden trends leaped off the pages.

Trend No. 1: Colors, especially lime and tangerine. The lime color might also be called chartreuse, but it is that bright, light green that stands out in a garden or a pot, especially with bright annuals or a deeper background of forest green plants. You can see it frequently in coleus colors, such as the edging on ‘Picture Perfect Rose’ or ‘Life Lime’, but I also noticed it in an heirloom catalog in an 1869 geranium called ‘Crystal Palace Gem‘, which had vibrant lime foliage.

Examples of tangerine flowers were everywhere from Rudbeckia ‘Capuccino’ to Lantana ‘Landmark Citrus’ to Hollyhock ‘Peaches and Dream‘. My  absolute favorite is Osteospermum ‘Orange Symphony’, with its pale orange petals and purple center. The catalogs often show the orangish flowers mixed with other purple or lavender blooms and, of course, lime foliage.

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