New Northern Gardener Available

The January/February 2010 issue of Northern Gardener is on newsstands and heading toward mailboxes now. This issue should get readers as excited about their 2010 gardens as any of the many garden catalogs arriving this week. (I have 12 catalogs in my to-read pile at the moment and expect another deluge next week.)

The January/February issue highlights landscaping challenges, with Meleah Maynard’s article on “Landscaping Trouble Spots,” and Don Engebretson’s informative piece on how to use rocks, stones and other hardscaping materials. In addition to those pieces, the magazine features a profile of the Red Wing garden of Mark and Deb Wasmund, loaded with walls, benches, mosaic art, and other sculptural objects. The cover image of purple hyssop spikes was taken by Northfield photographer Tom Roster, who did a great job of capturing the varied elements in the Wasmund garden. In addition to the usual columns and other useful information, this issue includes a “Garden Calendar” for Minnesota gardeners. Wondering when to plant annual seeds indoors or when to trim your fruit trees? We’ve got you covered with information from University of Minnesota Master Gardeners.

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