Thoroughly Mulched

With as many new plants as I have this year, I was deciding whether to put some mulch around them. No need now! We got about 8 inches of new snow (my estimate) and lots of blowing and drifting during the storm that is still marching across the Midwest. As a result, my newest bed looks to be under about 2 feet of snow, and only the tops of these coneflowers are visible. They do look good in their caps, however.

A note about mulching plants in winter: The idea of mulch is not to protect a plant from freezing. Unless it is inappropriate for our zone, the plant can handle freezing without a problem. The purpose of mulch is to protect the plant from heaving out of the ground during the thaw-freeze cycles that we get throughout the winter. While the layers of snow on my plants could certainly melt over  the next few weeks, exposing the plants to the worst of Minnesota’s winter and lots of thawing and freezing,  it’s not likely given we are heading into the coldest time of the year in Minnesota.  While blizzards are terrifically inconvenient (although my daughter and I will get our Christmas tree up and decorated today due to the day off from school), the snow is very welcome here.

2 thoughts on “Thoroughly Mulched

  1. Well, Mary, the Martha Stewart of Northfield, your garden ideas always sound (and look) wonderful. Thanks for the bird tree idea. I think I’ll make one for my friends–the winged and un-winged ones. Translation–“unwinged” would be the young kids in my life.

  2. Not sure about that Martha Stewart comparison, but the tree was a hit with something. The donuts are all gone and there are lots of footprints in the snow around it, either dog, child or ????

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