Zonker Goes All Garden

I have about four comic strips that I have to check in on nearly every day: For Better or Worse (yes, I’m one of those saps who teared up when Farley, the dog, died); Luann, Crankshaft (the recent bit where the parents take their daughter to college was a hoot), and Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury. It is rare that you get garden information from a comic, but Zonker, the loveable stoner/deadbeat from Doonesbury, has taken up gardening. In recent strips, he’s been talking to his bulbs, pecking at the earth with a trowel, and salivating over the garden catalogs. Gardeners: We have arrived.

4 thoughts on “Zonker Goes All Garden

  1. Mary, my Williamsburg brother sent me today’s Doonesbury, which reminded me of Katherine White’s descriptions of plant catalogue prose. Hot!

    Meanwhile, I have abandoned my garden (and the library, my mother, etc.) and am enjoying a southwestern junket, including four days on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. For two weeks we have been *living* Ken Burns’ national park series. The aspen and small alpine-like oak are in full fall regalia. The scenery over the edge of the rim isn’t bad either.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. My one excursion to the Grand Canyon was a one-day thing, and the moment we got to the edge a huge bank of fog moved in. I have fabulous photos of a friend and me with the “canyon” at our backs. Enjoy your vacation!

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