New Northern Gardener Available

current_coverThe September/October issue of Northern Gardener is on newsstands now and it’s packed with practical and interesting articles for fall gardening. For instance, if you want to plant a tree —  and fall is a great time for tree planting — Nancy Rose offers 10 choices for yard or street trees that are not green ash. How about adding some perennials, now that they are on sale? Tom Krischan has suggestions of plants to add to your yard to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. (Tom’s wife, garden photographer Donna Krischan, supplied the wonderful image of a monarch on a milkweed plant for the cover.)  Or, what about re-doing a  section of your garden as a “know maintenance” garden — one that you can maintain in less than 20 minutes a week? I interviewed Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farm and author of Small Perennial Gardens: The Know Maintenance Approach, on his ideas for using well-behaved, companionable plants for creating beautiful and low maintenance gardens. You can find the magazine on newsstands or stop by the MSHS booth at the State Fair and sign up for a subscription or membership.

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