Bee Condo Fully Occupied

IMG_6050A quick check of the bee condo the other day revealed it is nearly full. The smooth mud plugs indicate a leaf-cutter bee, the same kind I had last year. Orchard mason bees, the ones I hoped to attract, have a rough mud plug. Still, it’s clear from the action around my raspberries and flowers that the bees love my yard — and that makes me happy!

3 thoughts on “Bee Condo Fully Occupied

  1. It seems the bees have arrived early this year. We’re having trouble eating dinner on our patio as the bees want to join us! Perhaps we’re going to have to drop netting from our 11 foot umbrella to eat in peace!

  2. I posted a photo recently of what I think was a “squash bee” inside one of my zucchini flowers. I hadn’t realized there are so many kinds of bees! I’m glad you are providing a good home for some.

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