The Right Kind of Rain

After a long dry spell (less than half an inch of rain in Northfield between June 20 and July 20), we’re getting a nice gentle rain this morning. Not torrential. Not lashed about by wind. Not a dribbly, teaser rain. A steady, plant-quenching, garden-reviving, pond- and river-filling rain. Here’s hoping it lasts all day.

Update: About an hour after I posted this, the rain stopped. It’s still cloudy, so we may get more. According to the Stanton Airport rain gauge, .63 inches fell. My rain gauge had an 1.5 inches in it, but that included some water from watering earlier this week.

Update, 9 p.m.: After another round of storms rolled through this evening, the Carleton weather station reports rain totals of 1.77 inches. A good dose of rain, and much needed.

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