The Magic of Mulch

Before mulch
After mulch

I spent part of Saturday cleaning up around my raised vegetable beds and adding mulched-paths. Because the beds are at the edge of my property and are sitting in/near a meadow, it can get pretty overgrown by the end of the season. For the paths, I put down cardboard and covered it with mulch. I’m hoping this will reduce the amount of weeding necessary, but it also gives the garden a much neater (and for some reason, larger) appearance.

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  1. I don’t have raised beds, but for a number of years I have been doing a center garden path in my fenced vegetable garden with cardboard covered by straw (which I had used as winter mulch and removed earlier in the spring). It works out great. The first year I did not use cardboard and just put down straw and found that a lot of the seeds of oats started growing. When I put down cardboard this keeps the seed off the ground and they don’t sprout.

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