A Great Year for Tulips

IMG_4862One upside of the cool, wet weather we have had the last couple of weeks is an extended bloom period for tulips. In some years, it seems like the bulbs bloom one day, wilt in 80 degree temps the next, and blow off the stalks the third. Despite the high winds yesterday — gusts reported near 20 mph at Sibley Swale, though it felt like more than that to me, these purple and white tulips survived in tact. The deep purple tulip is a Tulipa Passionale tulip. Unfortunately, I’ve lost the records on the other two tulips, but they go well together.

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  1. Mary, I’m with you in enjoying this prolonged spring. The scent of the crabapple tree is in the air, and the bloom is lasting since last week. My daffodils are just finishing off, most of the tulips are in full bloom, with some late varieties coming on. My bergenia has more blooms than it’s had in several years. All in all, I like this slow warm-up! A beautiful spring! Thanks for your great blog.

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