A Little PR for the Blog

I could not have been more surprised this morning when the phone rang at 8:30 and my mother asked, “Have you read the Pioneer Press today?”

“I’m reading it now.”

“You better check section E.”

Whoa — there on page 5E was a story about my blog. The same story appeared about a month ago in Spaces magazine, a home and garden magazine that is distributed free through grocery stores and garden shops. I did not know it was going to run in the PP as well.  It’s a nice story and I really enjoyed talking with Molly Millett, the writer. The photo of me and my dog, Lily, is a little — um — large, however.

7 thoughts on “A Little PR for the Blog

  1. Nice! (FYI, the Pioneer Press link above didn’t work, but I found my way to it by going to twincities.com and searching for your name.)

  2. I think the article really captured the welcoming nature of this blog. Newbies and veteran garden klutzes (like me) are easily intimidated so it’s great when a pro is willing to admit she still has things to learn. And the flower photo is gorgeous!

  3. Saw the article this morning, which led me to your blog. Looking forward to reading about getting my seedlings ready for the big garden outside. Thanks!

  4. Hi Mary: Not sure if you remember me. We worked together briefly at Midland Cooperatives/Land O’Lakes. I am retired now and working the next two months at a Linders Flower Mart because I love gardening too. I’ve attended MHS classes and look forward to reading your magazine. How fun to rediscover you and your blog in the PP yesterday! Bonnie (Neuenfeldt) Bassett

  5. Saw the article…congratulations! As a fellow photo enthusiast I give the garden photos on your blog high marks.

  6. Kerrin — Thanks for stopping by!

    Bonnie — Of course I remember you! You were my mentor at LOL. Hope you are enjoying retirement. I can’t think of a better part-time job than working with flowers.

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