Careful Tree Placement and Other Green Ideas

In honor of Earth Day, the Northfield News ran several articles on its Green Living page by members of the city Environmental Quality Commission. I’m not on the commission but am a member of a group advising the EQC on tree issues and was happy to contribute a piece on placing trees to save energy.

As I was researching the story, it struck me that there are a couple of trees in my yard I’d like to move just a hair — but it’s too late for that!  One of the goals of the EQC is to encourage city residents to build the tree canopy — that layer of mature trees that shades streets and yards, reduces pollution, and just generally makes a community a more pleasant place to live.  While fall is a great time to plant trees, spring is fine, too, as long as you water new trees as recommended.

Not all of the Green Living articles are online, so pick up a copy of today’s paper, if you would like to read more about water conservation, the benefits of awnings, and ways to make your yard more environmentally friendly.

1 thought on “Careful Tree Placement and Other Green Ideas

  1. We have a lot of trees in our yard (too many in fact) and it is unfortunate but many have to be cut down because they are end of life pines. We got one of our two Maples trimmed and it looks a lot better and healthier this year. Too bad we found out that it had been struck by lightning some time before we bought our house and that has dramatically reduced its life expectancy. I am really enjoying the red leaves growing on our Maples. I suspect that our trees that will remain after the pines are taken down will actually do better once they are gone since they tend to smother everything else around them.

    I love trees!

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