Ready to Pop

Lilac in bud
Lilac in bud

A walk around the yard today made it clear that trees and shrubs are ready to pop. We just need a little rain — and I’m hopeful we may get it tonight and Sunday — for all the buds to open into leaves. The two weeks or so in spring when Minnesota suddenly greens up are among my favorite weeks of the year. It feels like we have waited very long for them this year — though I know that historically leaf pop (not a scientific term) often doesn’t occur until about the 10th of May.

If we do not get much rain, however, gardeners may want to follow the advice from the folks at Knecht’s to put a hose on any new beds or trees. Things looked very dry so I watered several of my flower beds and my newer trees earlier in the week.

2 thoughts on “Ready to Pop

  1. Today Dave removed the little ornamental evergreen from our front flower bed; it had suffered severe winter burn this year, poor thing, and hardly had any green areas left. I wish I had realized sooner what was happening, or how better to prevent it.

  2. We lost a big evergreen a couple of years ago to something similar. It’s always sad to see a substantial part of your landscape go, though it does open new opportunities, too. The horticulturists I’ve talked with usually say it’s better to get a sick tree/shrub out — and replace it with something healthy — than to try to save it.

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