A Few More Signs of Spring

Griff Wigley over at Locally Grown Northfield has had it with cold weather. (Haven’t we all!) So, he’s put out a call for signs of spring. I spent a little time working in the yard today and came up with three more.

img_4713First, the sedum are showing their little cabbage-like leaves. These come up early in the spring before the plant develops a stem. This is Sedum ‘Maestro’ from my front yard garden.

img_4705Sign number 2: Buds on the cherry tree! This little ‘Bali’ cherry is starting its third season in our yard and is covered with buds. Who knows — we may even get cherries this year.


Sign number 3 — but not necessarily a good one: Those wrascally wabbits are munching things all over my garden! This is a shot of what they did to some of the squill (Scilla siberica) but I could have also taken photos of munched on rhododendrons or roses just as well. Clearly, fencing will be in order for any vegetable gardens this year.

Hope that cheers you up, Griff!

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