Tulip Identified and the Purple Ones Emerge

img_4690I’ve got to start reading my own stuff more carefully! The mysterious yellow tulips that I forced recently have been identified: They are called Daydream, and if you are looking for a tulip to brighten up your yard or house, this variety would be great. The identity of the tulip was listed in the blog in a post I wrote last fall when we first planted them outdoors. The purple tulips are still unidentified, but they are starting to bloom. They seem to be a smaller, later-blooming variety, but still very pretty.

3 thoughts on “Tulip Identified and the Purple Ones Emerge

  1. What a beautiful, beautiful tulip.
    Question: with the North Star Lily Society sale etc happening in April, is it possible or desirable to plant lilies or other bulbs in the spring even though I know they won’t bloom for a while?

  2. Yes! You definitely can plant lilies and other summer-flowering bulbs in the spring (in fact, I have a bag of lilies cooling their heels in my vegetable crisper right now, waiting for warmer weather.) If you like summer bulbs, the lily society sale is a great place to pick them up.

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