More About the Forced Tulips

img_4638Arghh! I am just kicking myself for not making a note of what kind of tulips these yellow/apricot ones are. I bought them out of the bins at the Farmers Seed and Nursery store in Faribault last fall. (Farmers Seed has a huge bank of bins of bulbs to choose from.) I bought a bag of what the photo near the bin showed as yellow tulips and one of purple tulips. I forgot to write down the variety name of either of them. Both kinds of bulbs are in this huge pot in my kitchen window area, but so far only the yellow ones are blooming.  And, they are not really yellow. They start out yellow and then slide from the tips of the petals down into a gorgeous orange-apricot shade.

Are there any tulip experts out there who can identify the variety?

1 thought on “More About the Forced Tulips

  1. I do that too — I buy something, don’t write down the name and can kick myself for I’ll never remember what it is to buy another!

    Lovely tulips

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