So Many Ideas, So Little Space

Did I mention there were orchids?

Here’s the problem with going to garden events, such as those I attended this weekend: You get so many ideas that you have to think about adding more space. Maybe I’ll expand my front gardens and add one of the hardy shrub roses Kathy Zuzek recommended, such as ‘Lillian Gibson’ or ‘Harrison Yellow‘. No, wait, how about ‘Candy Oh! Vivid Red,’ a variety hybridized by David Zlesak, a young U of M educator who has written for Northern Gardener.

Wait, maybe, instead I’ll add an herb garden, filled with the three kinds of basil and Lavendula ‘Hidcote‘ in a pot and a bunch of other herbs recommended by Theresa Mieseler of Shady Acres Herb Farm. No, wait, I’m going to plant that great big annual salvia, Yvonne’s Giant, which Donald Mitchell recommends for attracting hummingbirds. And, that doesn’t take into account the enthusiastic peony and dahlia gardeners I talked with Sunday at the MSHS Plant Society Day at Gertens.

So many ideas, so little space.

6 thoughts on “So Many Ideas, So Little Space

  1. Ha Mary! isn’t it great to be inspired! I have to tell you that Kathy Zuzek is a great friend of mine and you heard the most knowledgeable rosarian in the state on Saturday! And, I have to agree that Lillian Gibson is the most luscious pink rose, even though it only blooms once in June, it is, and has been one of my personal favorites for years!

    Good luck finding all the new space for all those great new varieties you heard about! I say those are good ‘problems’ to solve!


  2. I’ve purchased many packets of seeds–mostly herbs and veggies, a couple flowers though–and I’m concerned about how much smaller my balcony is going to look with all the containers… I think I need some sort of staggered shelving system so everything can get sun and my balcony doesn’t look too crowded. Any suggestions?

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