Whatta Deal! Buy Seeds and Support the Library

bi_recipricol_links-2How great is this: Buy your spring seeds from a company that sells organic, heirloom, non-GMO seed and support the Friends of the Northfield Public Library at the same time. As a reader, gardener, and long-time library lover–I can’t think of a better fundraiser.

This year, the Friends’ annual meeting will feature Lynn Steiner, one of the Upper Midwest’s top authorities on native plants. She’ll be talking about Landscaping with Native Plants at the Friends’ annual meeting starting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 7, at the library.  In her talk, Lynn will point out the beauty and diversity found in Minnesota’s native plant heritage and will show how to use native plants in your landscape and garden. The talk will feature plenty of inspirational photos and practical information on selecting and using plants.

In honor of Lynn’s talk, the Friends wanted to do a garden-themed fundraiser. Then we heard about Botanical Interest Seeds, a Colorado company that sells seeds in wonderfully illustrated and informative packets. They offer many heirloom and organic seeds and seeds for flowers and vegetables. I bought several large packets earlier this year — I’m going to be reseeding my wildflower area — and really liked the information they have on the package. I’m looking forward to planting them.

To support the Friends, just click on the image link above. Botanical Interests will donate 25 percent of your order value back to the Friends. If you are not familiar with what the Friends do, check out the web site — or, go upstairs at the library and check out the new business and job search area or the redesigned teen area or watch old Booker the book bus rolling around town. Those are all Friends’ projects to support the library and literacy in Northfield.

We hope to have a huge crowd for Lynn’s talk. But whether you make it or not, check out the seed offer.

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