A Succulent Event at the Home and Patio Show

The Minnesota Home and Patio Show at the St. Paul River Centre this weekend has a passel of great programs for gardeners, as well as a chance to talk with many landscapers from the Twin Cities. One of the trendier topics on the Northern Gardener stage is Jim Laupan’s program scheduled for tomorrow afternoon on “Succulents in the Landscape.” Jim is a designer with Plantique Garden Center in Minneapolis and has won multiple awards at the Minnesota State Fair for his succulent displays.

Several of his fascinating plantings are on display at the MSHS booth at the show. Jim’s displays are so perfectly shaped that they are almost like bonsai. Succulents are a wide-ranging group of water-retaining plants. Cactus, of course, are succulents, but the variety of succulents goes far beyond cactus. They come in an amazing variety of shapes, textures and colors and have become increasingly popular for container plantings. Another great thing about succulents: They don’t need much water.

If you are interested in succulents, stop by the Home Show Sunday at 12:30 p.m. and hear Jim’s talk.

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