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One of my winter sowing containers.

I can’t remember an article in Northern Gardener that has gotten the response we’ve had to Michelle Mero Riedel’s article about winter sowing, which appeared in the January/February issue. Winter sowing involves using milk jugs and pop bottles as mini-greenhouses to start perennials from seed in the winter. I tried the method last year and was impressed enough with the results to give it a go again this year.

Belinda Jensen, the KARE meteorologist and garden reporter, saw the article and did a feature on winter sowing on the Saturday morning news program. You can check the video of the piece out at the KARE Web site. Michelle taught one class on winter sowing earlier this month, which sold out in a flash, so she will be offering another class at the Minnesota State Horticultural Society offices Tuesday Monday, Feb. 23. To sign up for the class, call 651-643-3601.

6 thoughts on “Northern Gardener Featured on KARE-TV

  1. I was just watching the video on Kare11. What a great idea! I do have a question though, will this work for growing annuals too?

  2. Jennifer: It does work with some annuals. Pretty much anything that naturally reseeds with work, such as morning glories or cleome. I also get volunteer snap dragons, so I’m trying some of those in winter sowing containers, too. I’m also trying winter sowing with a couple of more tender annuals to see if they might work. My understanding is the seeds will germinate, but if we get a late frost, the plants will die. I suppose you could throw a blanket over them or bring them in the house on a cool night, too, but that might be more work than it’s worth.

  3. I’m confused! I am madly saving my containers and had read the article which prompted my saving. However, I checked the article again and it tells me to “toss the cap”…but in one of the articles referred to online I see pictures of bottles ready to be set out and the orange caps look to be firmly in place. Thanks for the clarification!

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