More Fun with Greenery

Maybe a little wild looking, but not bad for a first try.

Making your own holiday wreath is easier than it looks. I followed (more or less) the instructions offered by Susan of The Shambles under Highland Butte, a fellow blogger from Oregon, to make two wreaths for our front and back entries.  I used a red-twig dogwood branch for the form and leftovers from my holiday pots for the greenery for the first wreath. This wreath is made entirely with natural ingredients (except for the ribbon holding it up) and looks festive hanging off of our back deck.

Front-door wreath
Front-door wreath

For the second wreath, I used a heavy-duty wire hangar that I bent into a circle for the form and a combination of real and artificial ingredients.  It seemed a bit more formal to me — though that was not the intention — so I hung it on our front door. One tip: If you plan to make a wreath, be sure to use the 24 gauge wire Susan recommends. I started my first wreath with some picture wire we had around the house and it was much more difficult to work with. I found the 24 gauge wire at a local beading shop.

This is a fun project that an older child could handle with some assistance. Thanks for the instructions and encouragement, Susan!

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  1. Nice job, Mary! Doesn’t it just make you feel seasonal? I rather like the wild looking one. Far better than those mannerly wreaths you can buy outside the supermarket.


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