Black Friday, Green Saturday

Now that Black Friday is over, can I suggest another totally made-up holiday? Let’s call it Green Saturday, and we can all go out and either buy or find greenery to decorate our homes for the holidays. I stopped at a local Christmas tree lot this morning and spent about 10 minutes picking out some greens for a holiday pot that I will be putting out front later this weekend. Tomorrow, I’ll cut a few branches from my red-twig dogwood bushes, dig through my ornament box, and — with any luck — have something pretty to put on the porch that won’t require big charges on my Mastercard or standing in line at a mall at 4 a.m.

Happy Green Saturday!

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  1. Mary, “Green Saturday” is a great idea! Can you imagine what would happen if people made a day after Thanksgiving a special time to focus on the abundance of beauty we have in nature all around us?

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