New Northern Gardener Available

Lovers of birds, butterflies, and bees should check out the November-December issue of Northern Gardener, which is now on newsstands. The issue has a gorgeous cover shot by Minnesotan Stan Tekiela. If you like nature at all, odds are you own one of Stan’s books on birds, wildflowers, or mammals. (I own several and use them frequently to identify birds and flowers.) Inside the issue, Val Cunningham, who writes on birds for the Star-Tribune and other publications, has an informative article on how to garden to attract birds and other animals. I’ve been following many of her suggestions, but added a couple of milkweed plants this fall to make sure I had food for caterpillars as well as butterflies.

In addition to the “Wild Party” story, this issue includes articles on 8 easy houseplants, tips on how to save money while gardening, a selection of gift ideas for gardeners, and my article on designing holiday containers. I hope all our readers will enjoy this issue.

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  1. I just learned of “Northern Gardener” today. Are there any particular newstands that are more likely to carry it? Is it possible to get back-issues?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! You can find Northern Gardener at Barnes and Nobles (usually with the regional magazines) and at some independent bookstores and Lunds or Byerlys. There are back copies available. To get one, contact the MSHS directly at 651-643-3601.


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