Last Look at Autumn Blaze

With the (ugh!) snow showers and high winds predicted for today, I took a photo of the Autumn Blaze maple in our front yard on Friday afternoon.  Good thing, too, because I doubt the maple will have many leaves left after today’s storm. Of course, the snow specks are melting the minute they hit the ground, but today’s weather is a chilling reminder of what’s to come.

One of the things I love about Autumn Blaze is the variability of its color. From a distance, the leaves all look reddish-orange, but up close you can see tones of green and brown as well as reds and oranges. The bright red veins in the leaves are eye-catching, too. With the winds as strong as they are today, I won’t have to rake the leaves on this tree–they will just blow right up to Canada.

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  1. Hi Mary .. we are having very high winds here too !
    Thank you for the fav girl ! I appreciate it .. hope you are enjoying Blotanical .. and find lots of great blogs to enjoy !
    Joy : )

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