Bloom Tuesday, No. 24: Encore, Encore!

Due to a busy work and personal schedule and a drenching rain last Tuesday, I failed to mark last week’s Bloom Tuesday. Not much was blooming anyway, but while walking around the garden this weekend, I came upon a couple of surprise blooms. The Penstemon ‘Husker Red’, right, which first bloomed way back in June, has several small blossoms on it. This plant does not like heat and looked pretty ragged throughout August, but the recent rains seem to have brought it back for an encore. Nearby, the wonderful groundcover Lamium ‘White Nancy’ has put up a few small blooms as well. The White Nancy had the misfortune of being planted next to the very prolific yellow pear tomatoes I’ve been growing, and it spent much of the summer covered with rangy tomato vines. I’m glad it’s getting one last chance to shine.

Elsewhere, the flower carpet roses continue to flower vigorously, as if they are trying to hold off the inevitable with flowers. Other plants that look nice are the Russian sages and the two types of sedum I have. The sedum flower heads are getting deeper and richer in color in response to the cooler temperatures.

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