Basil Assassination

Emily Dickinson on frost:

Apparently with no surprise

To any happy Flower

The Frost beheads it at its play —

In accidental power —

The blonde Assassin passes on —

The Sun proceeds unmoved

To measure off another Day

For an approving God.

Friday night a light frost assassinated my basil and damaged a few other plants as well. I’m not sure how wide spread it was, but I know it hit some growers who sell at the Northfield Farmers’ Market.

2 Replies to “Basil Assassination”

  1. Is there anything as sad looking as a plant knocked off by the frost monster ? .. we haven’t had one yet so I am steeling myself for it to happen .. the first time really ouches ! My sympathies girl ! LOL

  2. Thanks for the sympathy, Joy, but it was my own fault. I was traveling Friday and got back home quite late. My husband warned me there might be frost, but I was already in bed and just rolled over and went to sleep. The next morning, I didn’t see any signs of frost–until I got into the garden and saw its effect. Ah, well.

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