Impulse Gardening

I don’t know what came over me, really I don’t. Saturday night, I had no major gardening plans for Sunday, except maybe to walk around picking weeds. Then Sunday around noon I started to think about one of the back flower beds–how lousy the old black-eyed Susans looked and how I really should do something to about that poor little peony that I stuck between two beds. An item on the web noted that dogwoods and azaleas do well together, and that got me mulling over the azaleas in the front and how they have never performed the way they should and how the single weigela I planted there looked fabulous.

Before I knew it, I was at Knecht’s buying weigelas and veronica, and a couple stray pots of milkweed just for fun.  Then I was in the back, first just planning to remove the black-eyed Susans and replace them with the azaleas and planting the new weigelas up front. Then suddenly, hoses were being moved into a shape that expanded the bed by more than a third, and I discovered the grass in the back was remarkably easy to peel off and, heck, I could dig the whole thing up in no time flat. Before I knew it, turf was flying, and daisies and daylilies were getting moved and divided, and another peony that I had been holding in a pot while figuring out where to plant it suddenly had a home, and I was on my way to Menards for cheap mulch.

It was 7:30 at night before I came back in the house, dirty, tired and sore. I’m not sure what my impulse garden will look like next year, though I’m hopeful it will be bright with bursts of color all summer long. But as my husband said while surveying the scene, “Good. Less to mow.”

1 thought on “Impulse Gardening

  1. Mary … I had to laugh at this. It is so true when we get that kind of impulse we can NOT stop to think how far reaching it will turn out to be ? LOL
    That remark about less to mow is always a stand by for my hubby .. he thinks it is great too .. more turf to throw out !
    Joy : )

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