Bloom Tuesday, No. 20

The cooler temperatures and especially the rains of this weekend have really perked up the garden. Many of my perennials are looking as nice as they have in several weeks, including the garden phlox out front (Phlox ‘David’), which is blooming well despite a bad case of powdery mildew. The Russian sage is bright and the Clara Curtis daisies have just burst into bloom. The big sedum heads are changing from light to dark pink as the fall progresses. My flower carpet roses continue to bloom prolifically and I may yet get a bloom off of a ‘Purple Passion’ rose I bought in Chicago this spring. The rose seemed to keel over when I put it in the garden–not growing or blooming and generally looking sickly for weeks–but steady doses of fish emulsion and water seem to have helped. If we can keep the frost at bay, it promises to be a lovely fall.

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