Garden Visitor

Ever since we put in our pergola in the backyard we have had intermittent visits from hawks. I think they like to perch on the pergola and watch for varmints in our meadow. Usually I am not fast enough with the camera to catch the hawk, but tonight I got a shot of him or her on the pergola and flying away.

We have thought our hawk is a red-tail hawk, but checking with the Birds of Minnesota field guide, I think this one could be a Northern Harrier, which is also known as the marsh hawk. Given the ponds and other marshy terrain in our area, that’s a possibility.

4 thoughts on “Garden Visitor

  1. Very cool!!! Recently when Henry and I were walking down Union Street there was a sudden scuffle — a small hawk had come from some nearby shrubbery and gone after a small bird (or possibly a small animal, but probably a bird) on the ground right in front of a house, only 10 feet or so from where we were standing. I couldn’t see whether it was successful or not, and it quickly returned to the bushes. I believe it was a sharp-shinned hawk, based on size and behavior. They often stake out birdfeeders, apparently. It was quite startling to be so close to such behavior on a town street!

  2. Growing up in southern Wisconsin we also used to call these birds sparrow hawks. They are extremely beneficial to have around!

  3. Just had to drop something off at the hospital, north of town, and a beaut of a red-tailed was sitting atop a speed-limit sign just before the hospital entrance. That was a much lower perch than one typically sees them on. When I came back out, it was standing on the ground on the opposite side of the road, looking out into the meadow/prairie area to the south. Unfortunately I had forgotten to return my camera to my purse, where as a blogger I should always keep it!

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