I Spotted a Monarch

I did not have my camera with me, but I spotted a monarch in my front garden yesterday afternoon. It’s perhaps the third one I’ve seen this year, compared to dozens in a normal year. The prevailing theory about the monarch shortage is that it is weather related–cold spring, dry summer.

7 Replies to “I Spotted a Monarch”

  1. I saw a Monarch yesterday by the front garden on Frances, where there are plenty of coneflowers and some volunteer milkweed. I’d noticed that the milkweed leaves were well-nibbled, but hadn’t previously seen either caterpillars or butterflies.

  2. I’ve seen several monarchs, and Clara tells me that she saw dozens of them in the Lower Arboretum last week.

  3. I am jealous! All I see outside are the white ones, and normally I would have many monarchs this time of year.

  4. Every time I stepped outside today, I saw multiple monarchs. Mostly three at a time, but once I had five fluttering about. I don’t have a huge garden — I’m on a standard city lot in St. Paul — but I’ve got plenty of liatrus and lavender. In late September, the monarchs will be all over my tall aster.

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