Bloom Tuesday No. 15: Rebloomers and Volunteers

As summer marches on, some perennials are reblooming. At left, a bumblebee goes crazy over the flowers of catmint (Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’). I blogged about this plant’s blooms back in Bloom Tuesday No. 10. After the first blooms faded, I cut it back to about 6 inches tall and it is blooming again.

I’m also seeing a few volunteer snapdragons in my front bed. This year, I swapped out my usual cheapo snapdragons for the fancier Phoenix series Penstemon. I won’t do that again. The Penstemon is pretty, but it is not blooming prolifically and it seems to need more care and fertilizer than I usually give plants. Next year, back to the snaps, which are showing up anyway without any encouragement from me.

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