Bloom Tuesday, No. 12

Bloom Tuesday? It felt a bit like doom Tuesday, what with the car breaking down in the Target parking lot, the phone lines getting cut at my office (no internet or phone all afternoon), and yet another dog-related health crisis. (Good news! We now qualify for the regular customer discount on lab work at the vet.) But these are ultimately minor matters, and today was the final day of the America in Bloom judges’ visit to Northfield. I hope they enjoyed their visit and appreciated the hard work that went into many of the beautification efforts.

So, rather than taking shots of my own garden, I visited (on my bike) several great examples of bloom around Northfield. The baskets hanging on lamp posts around town look especially nice right now, despite the heat. (Thank you, watering crew!) I also like many of the baskets and pots outside of businesses. The block between Fourth and Fifth on Division Street looks like a flower market. While the displays are especially grand this year, the merchants on this block have long brightened up summer with their pots.

Finally, many people in Northfield seem to have taken the call to put out baskets and window boxes seriously. I’ve seen lots of bloom-filled boxes hanging off decks around the ponds near my house. Also, more people seem to be planting out their front yards. This Fourth Street garden is one of my favorite front-yard gardens.

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  1. That’s Henry’s friend Will’s house! I love what they have done there, and the practice does seem to be catching on.

    I have thought about doing a Favorite Front Gardens Around Town feature on Penelopedia. Maybe we could make it a team effort and each do one a month… or every two weeks… or something!

  2. That sounds like fun. I saw another one today, over on First St., right across from the Carleton Chapel. I’m not sure if it is a college house or a private home, but the garden out front is very cottage-like and pretty.

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