Front-Yard Garden Blooming

It still looks a little sparse, which is to be expected for the first year, but my front-yard garden is blooming at last. The Russian sage in the photo at left is light and airy. The ‘David’ phlox at right is starting to flower. I’m really getting a kick out of the blazing star (Liatris spicata ‘Kobold’). I have five plants; one is up to my hip and this little guy (lower left) is below my knee. Not sure why there is so much variation in height, but they look pretty with their puffy purple bottle-brush blooms.

4 Replies to “Front-Yard Garden Blooming”

  1. It always seems that we have to wait for things to fill in. Looks good so far…I like the Liatris. Now I am getting so many ideas for what to add to our gardens.

  2. Well, we DO have to wait for things to fill in but isn’t that a good thing as well? Another fact is how much those things will develop this very year. Those Russian Sages look like they are just beginning. Just wait! They’ll be 3 feet across this year. Once those guys get set, they’re off!

  3. Steve: You’re right about the Russian sage. When it gets established, it’s almost a bush. It looks good even when the moisture is uneven, which we have had a lot of the past few years.

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