Bloom Tuesday, No. 8

With the extra heat we’ve had, more and more blooms are popping. I was particularly excited to see the English larkspur (Delphinium elatum ‘Pagan Purples’) I planted last summer blooming. This is a plant I had given up for dead at one point, but look at it now. The larkspur adds much needed height to the bed near our front door and I love the deep purple blooms. It’s standing in a tomato cage to prevent toppling.

I’m also thrilled with the blooms showing up on climbing nasturtiums, which I grew from seed. They don’t seem to be climbing much yet, but I love the creamy yellow blooms and the round foliage of nasturtiums. If you look closely in the photo, you may be able to see a bug stealing some pollen from the flower.

Finally, the old reliable flower-carpet roses have started to bloom. These are some of the easiest care roses around. You give them a little water, fertilize a couple of times a year, cut them back in the spring, and they just bloom and bloom. No covering, no spraying. Nothing.

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