It's Garden Tour Time

Late June and July are the big months for garden tours in the Midwest. This weekend the Northfield Garden Club is hosting its annual tour, so I headed out early to check out the gardens. I made it to five of the seven gardens on the tour and came home full of ideas and inspiration.

At Judy and Jim Cedarburg’s garden (No. 6 on the Northfield tour), a small meadow of shasta daisies bloomed in a corner of the double-lot garden. Anyone with an area they don’t want to mow could add that kind of meadow, especially if you combined the daisies with ornamental grasses. The Cedarburgs have extensive perennial gardens and a big vegetable patch. They’ve been gardening in that spot for more than 40 years. If you visit, be sure to ask them about the huge oak they planted from an acorn.

Shirley and Bob Cox’s garden (No. 4 on the tour) is designed to attract birds. It includes all of the things birds need: shelter, water, food and cover. The Coxes use boulders throughout the garden to great effect.

If you are interested in attending the tour, you can get a ticket for $10 at any of the tour gardens (the president’s house at St. Olaf is where I started) or at Knecht’s Nurseries or Hodge-Podge Que Antiques downtown.

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  1. Thank you for the nice coverage. We really appreciate your support for our efforts. Judy

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