Belated Bloom Tuesday (No. 6)

The blog has been quiet this past week because I’ve been on vacation. My family took a train trip to Portland, then visited San Francisco. It was a great trip and it reinforced how BIG this country is. North Dakota and Montana alone seem to go on forever. I visited a few gardens during the week–more on those in later posts–but found plenty blooming in my own garden upon return.

First, it’s peony time. I have four peonies in my yard, but this one is the most mature. Peonies take two or three years to get going, but they are such a tradition in Midwest gardens I think everyone should have at least a couple. Once established, peonies will last up to 100 years. They only bloom a short time, but the blooms are glorious and the foliage provides a backdrop for other plants in the garden.

Also blooming is this bulb, an Allium moly I planted last fall. I’m not sure what went wrong here. I planted 45 of these bulbs and this is the only flower blooming. The rest may have fallen victim to the hungry pocket gophers that have lived near that part of my garden in the past.

Also blooming is this dianthus (Dianthus deltoides ‘Arctic Fire’) and the feverfew (shown at top of post) I purchased at a local plant sale earlier this year. Lots of annuals are also blooming, but more on those later.

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