Bloom Tuesday No. 3

Whoa…it must be late May because the blooms are popping–and my hands were freezing when I took these photos. Despite the colder than normal weather and a lack of rain in my area, the lilacs are in full flower (left, and also my new banner photo), the red-twig dogwoods (right) have started to bloom nicely, the lamium ‘White Nancy’ (below, left) is starting to flower, and a geranium I bought at a recent plant sale is also in bloom. My Purple Sensation bulbs continue to provide nice color near the front door. The pansies I put in pots also look nice and some of the petunias that I planted in pots and window boxes are blooming, despite the rather chilly temps. I planted my new front-yard garden this weekend (more on that in a later post) and the wonderful chokeberry bushes (Aronia ‘Autumn Magic’) that will anchor the corner of the bed are in bloom (below, right).

For the blooms to really take off, we need a gentle inch or two of rain and a dab of heat (please!!)–preferably in that order.

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  1. Nice Lilac…did you take that photo?
    I think because of our cool temps and lack of beating rain, the blooms are hanging on longer than usual…and plants are blooming together which normally don’t cross paths. Maybe it’ll be a good fruit tree pollination year.

  2. Thanks! I did take the photo and the colors were not photoshopped at all. That’s how the blooms look. We also have tons of blooms on our apple trees, which my daughter took photos of, but I have not had time to post. I hope it is a good pollination year (last year was great for me), but I have not seen any mason bees in my bee house yet. It may be too cool. I don’t know; I am a complete bee novice.

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