A Great Day for Plant Bargains

Yes, the weather was not-so-great, but the bargains were plentiful at area plant sales today. I hit two this morning: the one in Northfield, sponsored by the Northfield Garden Club, and one in Rosemount, sponsored by the Dakota County Master Gardeners. Some of the deals I snagged: $4 for Herbstonne Rudbeckia, a very tall black-eyed Susan (the eyes are actually green); three mature hollyhocks for $3 each; and canna bubs for $2 a piece.

One of the great things about local plant sales is you will occasionally come upon plants with a story. In Northfield, I bought a plant advertised as a “local daisy.” I’m not sure what that means, or what it will look like, but I’ve got a sunny spot to put it in, so why not? The garden club also had a huge selection of 100-year-old daylilies salvaged from an abandoned graveyard in the county. These are the kind of daylilies your grandmother or great grandmother would have planted. They bloom once, usually a bright orange, and then fade.

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  1. Mary,
    Glad you got some bargains at the Northfield Garden Club’s plant sale. Now if the weather would just warm up…

    Our new web site is northfieldgardenclub.org (in place of .com). You might want to switch to this in your listing.

    Thanks for your great blog. We are adding it to the Garden Club’s list of recommendations for online gardening sites.

  2. Marcia: Thanks for updating me on the club’s web site. I will make that change right away!

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