Hats are a Must-Have Fashion Accessory for Gardeners

I’ve always worn an old baseball cap when I garden, which was not much in the looks department and did not protect my neck from the sun. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more careful about sun protection. (And perhaps a bit regretful about those sunburns in the Bahamas back in the 80s.) So, this year, I splurged. Here I am modeling my new sun-proof garden hat from Tilley’s. It’s still not much in the looks department (or maybe I’m just not a hat person) but no stray UV rays will get me. What I really like about this hat is that it has a band that goes around the back of your head–just like the famous hats worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, according to the brochure–so it will not blow off during windy weather.

2 thoughts on “Hats are a Must-Have Fashion Accessory for Gardeners

  1. Having a personal history of melanoma, I’m with you on the hat-wearing! I have a nice round-brimmed straw one I bought in Savannah. When I wear it I look like a rice-paddy worker. But that’s okay.

  2. That looks like a good hat for the garden. The band probably also makes sure it fits different sized heads. Wish I remembered to wear a hat more often.

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