Bloom Tuesday

PansiesI’ve never been very dedicated to keeping garden records, even though I have several lovely journals just for that purpose. I’m hoping this blog might keep me more on task. So, here it goes, the first of what I hope will be weekly updates on what’s blooming in my garden. Right now, I hope your garden is doing better. This morning, I stepped out on the front stoop and the most prominent “bloom” was frost. According to the weather service, it hit 26 F. in Northfield last night.

I’ve got two things blooming: two pots of pansies that I just put out and the squill that I planted last fall. I potted one set of pansies in a strawberry pot and another batch in a terracotta pot I picked up for free last fall. This is the first year I’ve put pansies out, because it usually gets too warm for pansies very quickly. This year, it seemed worth it to spend a few bucks for some color.

The squill (Scilla siberica) are bright and cheery, despite the cold, rain and general gloom they have put up with since emerging. Squill flowers tend to face downward (as in the first picture), so I held the bloom up on one to get this detail shot.

While I don’t have much going, I’ve noticed a few yards with early daffodils blooming. My neighbor’s crocus were very pretty a week or so ago, but have faded now. The forecast calls for warmer, but still cool weather for the next week or two. I guess this is the time of year we northern gardeners earn our bragging rights.

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