Oprah’s Rose

She influences the best-seller lists, dabbles in presidential politics, and tells American women how to think about themselves….and now, what to plant in their gardens. Oprah Winfrey is introducing a rose. Called “The Legends” in honor of 18 African-American women leaders and pioneers, Oprah’s rose is a large, hybrid tea rose with big, bright red blooms. It’s is being offered in pre-release by California-based Regan Nursery, before its wider release in 2009. The rose was developed–based on Oprah’s preferences–by hybridizer Tom Carruth, who has hybridized nine previous All-America Rose winners. For the rose fiends among us, here is the parentage of the rose: (City of San Francisco x Olympiad) x [Amalia x (Ingrid Bergman x All That Jazz)].

While roses seem a bit of a stretch even for Oprah’s brand, she joins a long line of famous folk, living and dead, who have roses named for them. Yes, The Legends isn’t exactly named for Oprah, but what do you think people will ask for when they buy it at their local nursery?

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