We Have a Bloom!

It seemed to take forever, but the squill (Scilla siberica) bulbs I planted last fall are starting to bloom. This purple one is officially the first, but several white ones also opened up today.

They are very dainty, a little difficult to photograph because they face downward, but are very good to see.

5 thoughts on “We Have a Bloom!

  1. How nice to finally see a sign of spring. The 70 degree weather sent me into my backyard this afternoon to look around at what I’ll need to do in a month or so. I have a small arbor that I have planted a climbing annual on each year. Unfortunately, I usually don’t plant it early enough to get much in the way of flowers. This year will be different! I am wondering if there is a perennial you think would work well on both sides of the arbor. It is in a spot where it doesn’t get any shade.

    Love your blog.

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