Squill's Up!

img_1537.jpgThe Siberian squill I planted last fall seems to have made it through the winter just fine. The first tiny leaves and flower buds emerged this week. According to the bulb sources I’ve checked, the blue and white flowers should appear within a week. I planted 80 squill bulbs–a relatively small number–but several sources indicated (maybe even warn) that squill will spread. I’m looking forward to the color.

3 Replies to “Squill's Up!”

  1. I love the way those (I know them as scillas) have spread through the older lawns in town. One of us should try to post some photos of blue lawns in a few weeks! Enjoy yours.

  2. I believe scilla is the botanical name. You are right about the blue lawns. There is one in particular that I like to drive by this time of year.

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