Rejoice! Bulb Foliage Sighted

img_1513.jpgI have been feeling pretty glum the past few days, what with winter seeming to drag on in a gray and unpleasant way. So, today I resolved to perk up with a long walk. The temps were flirting with 50, and the wind had died down at last. While the signs of winter’s continued presence are visible in the form of ice on the ponds behind our house and patches of snow dotting the Northfield Golf Club, spring is showing itself as well. I noticed several trees with big buds on them, and the birds were chattering away. After dinner, I discovered this very encouraging sign of spring: bulb foliage! I’ve been looking for bulb leaves the past few days, and here they are at last. This variegated-leafed bulb is a tulip called ‘Red Riding Hood’.

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