New Northern Gardener Available

current_coverjanfeb.jpgIf you are considering a landscaping project for 2008, you may want to pick up the new issue of Northern Gardener. The January/February issue is devoted to landscaping ideas and inspiration, and without a doubt, this is my favorite issue since I began editing the magazine in 2005.

This special issue includes a useful article by Meleah Maynard on “10 Steps to a Better Landscape Plan” and one by Eric Johnson on the best plants to use around rocks, walls, and ledges. In another article, the Renegade Gardener, Don Engebretson, gives practical advice on foundation plantings. I learned something new with that one: The width of your foundation beds should be determined by the height of your house. There’s even a formula!

The issue also includes two garden profiles: a large garden in rural Dakota County that I had the pleasure of visiting several times this past summer and a small garden in St. Paul that is modeled after the British arts-and-crafts style garden, Hidcote Manor. Finally, northern Minnesota-based Margaret Haapoja writes about 10 perennials guaranteed to evoke and inspire memories.

I hope all our readers enjoy this special issue. If you are not a subscriber, check the magazine racks at your local independent bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Byerly’s or Lunds. They all carry Northern Gardener.

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