What I Did Not Do

With about four inches of snow on the garden, the calendar turned to December, and temperatures in the single digits on the bank clock downtown, it’s time to concede some garden jobs will not get done.

I bought the wood to make the trellis system for my raspberries, but never got around to building it. I bought the wood for another raised bed in the vegetable area, but never got around to building it. (Hmmm, is there a pattern here?) I did not cut down all the perennials I had hoped to cut down, and while I did get most of my pots emptied (and washed even!), I did not bring in the birdbath, clean all my tools, or turn the compost. Mea culpa. Let the winter begin.

One Reply to “What I Did Not Do”

  1. I hear you Mary, but doesn’t the soft, white blanket of snow nicely hide all of the season’s regrets?

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