Snow on the Garden

snow-on-haralson.jpgI woke up this morning to the first snow of the season–sort of. It’s already melting, but I took a few photos to mark the official transition from fall to winter. (I still have to bring in the hoses!)

mums-in-snow.jpgWe still have leaves on the oaks and one apple tree in our yard, so they provided places for the snow to settle, as did the mums that are still blooming.

sedum-in-snow.jpgIn an earlier post, I talked about how much winter interest sedum provides. The contrast of the white snow and the dark, almost rustevergreen-in-snow.jpg color of the sedum is striking. Finally, the snow nestled into the needles on this white pine.

In a climate like ours, gardens should be designed for four-seasons of beauty. One thing I discovered this past year is how much a stimulating view out a window adds to the enjoyment of yourpergola-in-fall.jpg house. We had a pergola installed in our back yard, and it is easily seen from the main windows in our living and dining areas. I often find myself stopping to look at it, and I always feel refreshed. There is something about its sturdy shape standing guard outside our house that makes me feel grounded and happy to be where I am.

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