Another Great Day to Garden

Two perfect Saturdays in a row–what’s a gardener to do? Judging by the crowds of trucks and trailers pulling into and out of the Northfield compost heap, lots of folks used the day to do end-of-season chores. I made two trips to the brush pile to unload branches we cut last week. I’ll probably have to go again tomorrow to dump off the brush from my raspberry patch, which was cleaned out today in preparation for the installation of a simple trellis to hold the raspberry canes erect. I picked the last few raspberries today amid a swarm of lady beetles, who apparently love raspberries as much as people do.

While it’s sometimes sad to see the growing season come to an end, planning for next year is a part of fall, too. Next year, we plan to add another flower bed in a spot in our front yard that is really too sunny and hot to support grass without lots of watering, especially when it’s dry. (It may be hard to remember, but this summer was dry.) So today, I was moving a hose around the yard, trying to figure out the best spot and the best shape for this new bed. I know pretty clearly what I want in the bed: Drought-tolerant plants, probably natives, with interesting foliage and/or long-blooming flowers. Beyond that, I have no specifics in mind. Luckily, I’ve got all winter to think about it.

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