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This Holiday Decoration is for the Birds

Since the summer, when I went on a garden tour in Hudson, Wis. (a highly recommended tour) and saw these twig balls, I’ve been interested in making some kind of twig decor. You can buy them in many nurseries and … Continue reading

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Hoar Frost in February

Fog persisted into afternoon and ice crystals clung to grass, wondering, “Where is winter?”

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Snow Blooms, at Last

“Well, you got what you wanted,” my husband said as he stomped the snow off his feet from shoveling our back deck. Over the past 24 hours, we got a good coating of ice (not what I wanted!) followed by … Continue reading

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Winter Weirdness

I’m not sure which is more disconcerting–that I spent 15 minutes outside today wearing only a cardigan and was comfortable doing it, or that I found an unusual number of signs of life in the garden. Just a reminder: It’s … Continue reading

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The Garden in Winter

A Gardener’s Reading, 15 of 30 By Suzy Bales (Rodale Press, 2007) Gardeners in the North are often told to console themselves through the long winter by planting a garden with “winter interest.” Give yourself something to look at during … Continue reading

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Make A Holiday Wreath Like Governor Dayton’s

Today, folks from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association are scheduled to hang two massive holiday wreaths at the Minnesota Governor’s Residence on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. I was fortunate yesterday to observe Diane Lee, who has made the … Continue reading

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The Insulating Power of Snow

Here’s a fascinating bit of information picked up at this morning’s Master Gardener class at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. How much difference does snow make in insulating plants? According to researchers at Rutger’s University, 9 inches of snow cover can … Continue reading

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Hoar Frost on the Garden

We had our first display of hoar frost today. This is why I leave some flowers and seed heads out for winter interest. When the plants are colder than the dew point and air temperatures are also low, ice crystals … Continue reading

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Plants in Snow Caps

My guesstimate is we have a solid 10 inches on our yard after yesterday’s snowfall, and this time, it was fluffy and light, perfect for putting plants in snow caps.

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Garden in Ice

Things to be thankful for today: Family, friends, and nature’s beauty across four seasons. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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